Call For Racial/Social Justice Artists and Leaders

A moment in my life were I felt 100% me was when I was curating common ground: what matters is the dream.  It started as a tolerance event. (  A space where youth could have a voice and medium  of their choice to express what sustain’s them.  ( This work became a catalyst for my thesis life long project that requires me to howl for my pack.

That said, I have been thinking about how this thesis work’s potential is in the collaboration with racial/social justice leaders. What comes next is an invitation.

Abstract ( Thesis Slides 10-20-17)

The real problems, needs and opportunities of urban neighborhoods are not being served by conventional models of urban planning and sustainable development. The city of New Haven, Connecticut will be studied to develop a framework for planning and design of the public realm (public space/place/landscape) which addresses urban neighborhood sustainability through a social lens, using a mixed-methods, transdisciplinarity research model. Geospatial data on social capital and cultural vitality indicators will be integrated with other sustainability indicators to create a quantitative analysis component. Development of a participatory design process to foster social bonding, creativity and sustainability inquiry will comprise a qualitative component for the framework.

Full Thesis:

In the executive summary of New Haven Vision Plan 2025 the focus of the city noted that it is promoting strategic neighborhood-based planning efforts to reinforce or strengthen the sense of place and distinct identity for each neighborhood. The highest level of support in the city’s survey was for neighborhood based planning. (NHVP – 2025, 2014)

Intuitively I envision a collaborative abstract expression moment via art, music, theater, spoken word, etc.; with an intentional mixing of sub groups at physical intersections in New Haven. I embody the word Tactical Urbanism in my approach. Tactical urbanism is a concept that allows neighborhoods to change over time suggesting a dynamic, mutable, open-ended public spaces rather than a static, standardized approach.

I want to take my thesis methodology, the public space system plan and create intentional impact on New Haven thru radical integration of communities at their intersections–literally. I wish to create powerful interventions at the intersections of New Haven neighborhood borders with the intention of learning more about how it feels to go into the physical public space system “as is” and confront it with our collective skills to create and learn new concepts of restructuring system. I want to collect/document visual qualitative data from communities to reveal a deeper understanding of public spaces that are shared by New Haven neighborhoods and their group dynamic sub-groups. What I want is to imagine with all others is what would our public space system look like if it allowed for “healing and liberation” beyond its current static, standardized framework.

IF you can imagine collaboration in my words that align with your goals,  just want to discuss or something else, please reach back to me. My hopes is to explore options during the winter season 2017 and make a plan for Spring/Summer 2018.

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